1. Itchin to burn some bridges or do something dramatic and/or drastic

  2. Tracks off “The Rest of New Order” that did strange, permanent things to my soul in my early to mid 20s:

    Regret (Fire Island mix)

    Ruined In a Day (K-Klass mix)

    World (Perfecto mix)

    and true faith pettibone obviously but that’s on a whole other level and not of the same era, originally, as above three.

  3.  I was the only one in the gym basement today and some dude, possibly a boxer, came in with his Beats Pill, turned down the house radio, shut the door to the stairwell and started BLASTING something I didn’t know but sounded Little Brother-ish, all without acknowledging me. I was really close to saying something, but it was fucking Arcade Fire “Reflector” on the radio so it would’ve been pretty disingenuous / petty / anal of me to start shit about the principal of it. About 15 minutes into the hip hop all of a sudden Gwen McCrae’s “Funky Sensation” came on. I was so confused and I thought that was like his token old school track but then dude proceeded to take me on a full-on classics journey - Keni Burke, Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock and CL Smooth. I had to stop myself from rapping along at several points. So, you know, don’t engage assholes and you might be rewarded?

  4. More Unsung: Have now watched Tammi Terrell, Kool Moe Dee and Bone Thugs eps. The former two are very entertaining, the BT&H is good for anecdotes involving Biggie and Phil Collins!

    Man, this show wraps things up in uncomfortable ways sometimes. Narrator on Terrell’s death: 

    "To this day, many people believe that savage beatings from David Ruffin and James Brown killed Tammi Terrell. But Tammi’s headaches began in childhood. She suffered from cancer which is rarely, if ever, brought on by trauma." 

    Sure, but it couldn’t have exactly helped things! This is followed with a further rebuke from a medical expert. It’s a bizarre moment. 

  5. I have a David Ruffin fixation - I’ve totally bought into his tortured soul / style icon mythos. Plus, obviously, um, the voice - I will likely never shut up about how “The Unreleased Album” is one of my all-time favourites. I watched the Unsung episode on him, which you need to go watch. He was even more of a horrible / sad person than I thought, which was very. The differing takes  from different family members on his violence / abuse / infidelity / addiction are fascinating. Also, it made we want to hear an isolated track of the reverb-rich snaps on “My Girl”. Those are the best snaps. I’ve shamefully only just found out about this series and am scared it’s going to take over my life. The tone is about halfway between Classic Albums and True Hollywood Story, so watchable… 

  6. This story on Martha Wash’s pop house vocals is a few weeks old but a super fun read - so many connections I forgot about or didn’t know or only knew a bit about. The comments might have a point about where the piece came from, though? I don’t know what to think.


  7. There’s a Jon Bon Jovi song (I know) in which the first verse has an all-cliché structure (‘they say that no man is an island / good things come to those who wait’ etc etc), kind of like Built to Spill’s “Keep it Like a Secret”, but it’s weird cause his other songs are all clichés too.