1. There’s a part in the No Distance Left to Run doc where Alex James starts a sentence, seemingly in earnest, “having watched the Metallica film..”. It just made my summer. I wonder if I’m ready to see Some Kind of Monster a third time. 

  2. I recently watched The Show and this minute of it blew my mind. (I don’t think industry dudes talk like this anymore.) 

    Now you’ve got Reaganomic rap groups. All they see is pain.

  3. I wrote about New Order’s “World in Motion”, anti-hooliganism fads and the acid days for the the new issue of The Classical magazine, on sports + music. I’m only halfway in, but there’s lots of cool stuff in this one - get it in the app store or here. And here is Weatherall and Farley’s “No Alla Violenza” mix.

  4. Once I witnessed three teenage girls giggling out of control while singing Dream’s “Falsetto” on the subway platform until a moderately creepy, definitely not-teenage man tried to join in and ruined it. 

  5. I discovered long ago that writing doesn’t bring catharsis. Writing The Normal Heart did not release my anger or make me hate Ed Koch and Ronald Reagan less or alter the present sorry state of the AIDS plague for the better. 

    Larry Kramer, NYT, 1992,

  6. "AIDS is a disease that we will all be faced with if we don’t get our shit together and stop treating it like some kind of leper colony bullshit." Well, that’s one way to introduce a song.

  7. I’ve been hearing the new Michael Jackson single coming out of more public places on sunny days and godamn, it works. The song is schlocky, but not any more so than his non-posthumous records. For me the wistful part is the straining five notes (“in and out baby” and “driven’ me crazy”) in the chorus. They are lots of clichés - pining, tormented, etc. even coming out of moving cars or junky stores. The unconvincing title line which follows and attempts to smooth out this tension isn’t the hook that sticks in my head, it’s these unresolved two seconds, playing over and over…